Saturday Linkages: Expensive Grapes, Martha Stewart’s Drones and Sunscreen


Some very expensive grapes.

Top-notch Japanese grapes fetch a record $5,400:

Martha Stewart digs drones via …

Lead abatement, a wise economic and public health investment …

Can using sunscreen increase your risk of dying? …

New York’s Oldest Phone Number : Need to book a room at the Hotel Pennsylvania? Just dial up 6-5000 …

“The universe is comprised of subjects to be communed with, not objects to be exploited.” – Wendell Berry via @LarrySantoyo

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    • Oh man that was an embarrassing mistake. Thanks for catching the fact that I gave the wrong title to this post. It’s been too busy a week. I think I have some mindfulness exercises in my future . . .

  1. The article about sunscreens was interesting, but I’m wondering about the questions. I would have to answer a clear “none” to all of them, yet I spend plenty of time outside in the sun. I’m working and gardening, not sunbathing.

    It seems that the wording of their questions indicates a bias that does not recognize sun exposure as anything but a pastime.

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