All Natural No-Treatment Beekeeping Class at the Ecology Center

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I’ll be teaching a natural beekeeping class tomorrow at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano at 1pm. Sign up here.

Become a backyard beekeeper and enjoy a healthy garden full of pollinators. Understand the basics of bees, all natural beekeeping methods, tools, materials, and techniques to get you started.

It’s said that beekeeping, or apiculture, began with the Egyptians whom used logs, boxes, and pottery vessels to make their own bee hives. Today, the practice of beekeeping lives on. Help save¬†a dying species, encourage pollination in your garden, and enjoy raw, organic honey!

In this workshop, come together with Erik Knutzen of Root Simple to learn the basics of bees. Explore the all natural, no treatment method of beekeeping, plus, visit a working hive and learn how to assemble a hive box, perform a hive inspection, and address any health issues.

For those who wish to participate in the hands-on component, we recommend the following: If you own a bee suit, please bring it to wear! If you don’t own a bee suit, please wear boots, jeans, and a long sleeve t-shirt. Thanks!

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  1. Have you written a post on what you do for all-natural beekeeping Erik? I would be curious what your mix of strategies is…

    • A couple of scattered about posts and a chapter in our book Making It. I’m thinking of pulling it all together someday.

  2. I made the mistake of mentioning to Animal Control officer about my desire to keep bees. He was here about raccoons when I led him to a part of the yard where I had my unauthorized hens. He said he would not bother my hens. So, I will wait until we have a new Animal Control officer.

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