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    • or it is trying to say………’you don’t need a lock, I will eventually lock the gate for you. You just won’t be able to open it after I lock it’…..:-)

  1. My wisteria, having been left to its own designs, is trying to get into the house via the attic and a window. I have to pull it out of the window ac after a bit. I am so fascinated by its progress, I let it go too long. Sometimes, it is inside the house, spying on me, I suppose. The worst part is when it tries to rip off the wood siding! Thankfully, my grape vines don’t spread so quickly and are farther from the house.

    Lemongrass is correct. If the vine gets into the locking mechanism, you will be trapped.

  2. OT:

    Thought you’d like this quote:

    ‘The art of fencing is as old as humanity itself. It can be considered the first form of expression in which intellect, skill, and physical power combined to meet two peremptory claims, that of procuring food, and of warding off enemy attacks, ends achieved only by force of arms. “The struggle for life” in its original, most inexorable form, had to be won before man could attack the problems of the soul or the Cosmos.’ –Luigi Barbasetti, 1900/1932

    • Marcus, thanks for an amazing quote and for tying our mutual fencing obsession back to urban homesteading!

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