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    • oh, but Wikipedia says its found East of the Rockies? Maybe it’s a tourist?

    • I think Wiki is being overly generic (or unclear wording; spreads east of the Rocky Mountains? From where tho’?) I’ve seen several references on bug sites showing it is common enough in CA.

    • Yuck harlequin bugs! they completely devoured my Brussels sprouts and then moved on to my kale. I won’t grow those two again around here.

  1. It looks like a box elder to me. They invaded our house one summer, which was really gross. They’re harmless though. If it isn’t a box elder, I’d bet it’s at least a closely related beetle.

  2. I should add that I can’t tell for certain because the beetle in question isn’t having sex. 😀 For what seemed like the longest time, every time I went out our front door, there were box elders covering the front door, the sidewalk, and our car, all frantically copulating. Yes, I know it’s natural, but it was still disgusting. I had to wonder if there was dried bug semen all over after the weeks of beetle orgies. The only thing that stopped them was rain. LOL

  3. Get chickens. They have terminated lots of bug eggs and bugs from my yard. Plus, they have dug dirt spas for me to trip into. Patsy Cline and Thelma have given me a new hobby–dusting poop all over the yard and porch with DE. I bet they would stop all that disgusting copulation.

    • We only had one garden hose spigot in the back of the house so our hose never would have reached the front of the house. Good idea though. We don’t live there now and hsven’t seen any box elders here (thank the fates).

      I’ll keep the chicken thing in mind though. Chickens are kinda cool. 🙂

  4. I iove the color of your poppies. Give me some inspiration for my next knitted project.

  5. Box Elder bugs sounds right to me, but I would probably just call it “one of those brown and orange bugs”.

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