Picture Sundays: The Backyard in Spring


Thank you Mrs. Homegrown for the amazing planting in our reworked backyard. Version 4.0 of the garden in 16 years? This afternoon I sat down in one of those red chairs and admired the view. We really need to get around to profiling a few of the plants Mrs. H selected. In the meantime here’s a closeup:


Now I need to get around to building the garden shed . . .

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  1. Just beautiful!

    And to think I was so excited to see the first tips of garlic coming up through the mulch yesterday . . . .

  2. The view is magnificent. I am trying for a lawn that needs no mowing or very little mowing. Do you have to mow any of your yard.

    Even with as little skill and little strength and as many injuries to joints as I have, when I find my drill, I intend to make a garden shed. With a drill I can make pilot holes, the secret to my success with wood.

    I need a garage for my little red wagon, too.

  3. Wow. I have 2 crocus. And the hops are poking through, close to the south-facing wall. And the snow is ALMOST gone. . . Your flowers are wonderful!!

  4. I love to have a garden so lush one day! It seems so hard to do in the desert. It’s so very dry here. I’ve planted all desert adapted seeds this year in hopes of having a more successful outcome.

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