Picture Sundays: Superbowl Edition

treshombres-669x333 It’s the time of year when my in-box fills with misguided attempts to get me to blog about Superbowl snacks such as a bag of chocolate covered pretzels that looked like–there’s no nice way to say this–a sack of humanure. In response I’m posting, for the second year in a row, the gatefold of the ZZ Top album Tres Hombres. No snack stadium could possible out-compete this Texas sized combo platter. What are you up to today? Watching the game? Preparing for the next arctic vortex/drought? Reading homesteading blogs? Constructing a lacto-fermented snack stadium?

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  1. I started a silly juice cleanse today to be a supportive husband. I’m hoping you have no blogs on bread or fermented great stuff for the next ten days. Lots of DIY stuff instead. That way I can have projects to keep my mind off food.

  2. I went to our local flea market and found a great pair of tie-dye hippie warrior princess tights. 😀 And I rode my bike there, and then figured out how to ride up to my favorite little natural food store without having to ride up a huge hill. And enjoyed how quiet both places were with all the football nuts elsewhere. 😉

  3. Let’s see . . . this is the first day since mid-December that it’s been above 20°, so I dashed outside to check all the bee hives and heard bees rustling around in all of them. Yay! That means they managed to survive the -16° we had night after night two weeks ago. Then, I vacuumed the house. Yay again! I think I’ll go for a trifecta by finishing all the ironing, after which it’s “Downton Abbey” to bring the day to a classy end. The husband and his chicken wings went off to watch that whatchamacallit game with the sons so it’s just me and the cats, who don’t think much of the Super Bore, but do love chicken wings when they get the chance.

  4. I am enjoying the sandal weather after the 6 F last Thursday night. Avoiding the Superbowl today is my goal. A few weeks ago, I won “Compost” by Rachelle Strauss, so it is sitting here to read in a bit. A blogger friend sent me a huge Crockpot (a surprise) and a recipe book. So, I may start something in the Crockpot and browse the recipe book.

  5. This was the best day for sailing Seattle has had this year. Sunny and and cold, or at least what we call cold here. Surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one out there!

    I hear there was some sportsball game going on today too.

  6. I’ve enjoyed hearing about how all of you enjoyed your days. It’s like getting a little slice of life from all over the country! For my part, I feel I didn’t do enough — usually I like to go out and take advantage of the great quietude that falls over the city on this specialest of sports days.

  7. This was a great day for driving in LA! Driving during the Superbowl is better than Christmas. I went to a super-what? type party with some friends, at a house where there is no television signal… just a bunch of happy geeks sharing delicious food and talking to each other. Madness.

  8. I started a batch of kombucha, and made kimchi. I baked a loaf of sourdough bread and biked it over to my friend who gave me the kombucha mother. Then continued on to reDiscover center to make beeswax candles and repurposed wine bottle hurricane lamps. They looked very nice on the dinner table. BTW, I made it home before the rain, praise rain.

  9. Bottled some maple wine. Kind of dry, not too mapley, plenty strong enough for late winter in northern Michigan. (Our county has 188+ inches of snow so far.)

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