Picture Sunday: Chicken Coop Art Cars


Artist Benedetto Bufalino re-purposed a vintage police car for his piece, “la voiture de police poulailler.”


Back in 1999 Atelier van Lieshout reused an Alfa Romeo for an installation called “Alfa Alfa.”

I should note that the art school damaged Mrs. Homegrown gets queasy when livestock end up in art projects. I’ll just ask if these two examples mean we’re witnessing an entire new genre of chicken art?

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  1. That is good use of a broken vehicle. One day, I was thinking my hens could use my car when it goes kaput. I have seen free range chicken in the country that just appropriated on their own an old, abandoned car that was grown up in weeds. Those chickens looked happy.

  2. “La voiture de police poulailler” is a joke.
    In french a cop is “un poulet” = a chicken.
    And in old parisian language “argot”, “un poulailler” is a police station.
    Isa from Paris France

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