A Simple Beer Can Stove

There’s lots of variations on the beer can stove out on the interwebs. This is a nice one in that it can be made with just a pocket knife as opposed to the more complicated Pepsi can stove we blogged about back in 2006.

If you have a favorite stove project leave a comment . . .

Via the folks at Zapf Architectural Renderings.

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  1. I tried out the Heineken keg can (now discontinued) version: http://www.jureystudio.com/pennystove/ It worked well for what it was, and is super light so it makes a good backup / emergency stove.

    There are some neat rocket stove projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6P7Q8S8oLo These are much more involved, but use twigs as fuel. Many people call these “wood gas” stoves, which is misleading. The downside is a need for batteries to power the fan.

    A cool development was the the addition of a thermoelectric generator so that low powered devices can be charged with the excess heat from the stove. Not so useful in the US where we go camping to escape our devices, but a big deal in places where there is no reliable power: http://www.businessinsider.com/biolite-homestove-works-alexander-drummond-jonathan-cedar-2012-8

    I wonder how hard / practical it would be to eliminate the AA batteries from a rocket stove by using a thermoelectric generator instead…

  2. Brilliant!!

    This is my new favorite stove project.

    I’ll be making one of these this weekend for my bug out box.

    Do you know if denatured alcohol will work?

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  5. So I just tried this and it is not drawing up through the sides. putting a pot on it just puts out the flame. any ideas?

  6. So i figured it out…the dents in the sides seem to need to be a bit bigger than shown to get it to work. I took it back apart and deepened the side grooves and it now seems to be working well.

    disclaimer…the whole time i was making this it felt like a very dangerous process. I would wear heavy gloves next time for protection

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