We’re Thankful for . . .


Sorry for the bad pic–Phoebe is impossible to photograph.

All of you, our dear readers–for your love and support. And for providing a lively dialog in our comment section.

We’re also thankful that our cat Phoebe has been granted another cat life. We really thought we’d have to put her down last week but she has recovered. While her defective heart means she won’t live a long life, we’re grateful for every day she graces our presence. ¬†Perhaps I should say my presence, since she’s imperious towards everyone else, Kelly and her veterinarian.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

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  1. And Blessings to you both and your beautiful babies. So happy to hear that Phoebe is doing OK. LIFE IS GOOD!

  2. Thank goodness would have been horrible especially at this time of the year. Super Phoebe lives to see another day!!!! She is very cute my little black cat is coming to the end 14 years old and still wants to be a kitty!

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