An update on Phoebe


A whole lot of animal lovers read Root Simple, and so we get a lot of inquires about how our special cat, Phoebe, is doing. Because we know so many people care–and at risk of making this a maudlin sick pet blog–we wanted to let you know she’s in the hospital tonight (Monday night) and will probably be there most of tomorrow. She started having trouble breathing today, and needs to spend some time in a box full of oxygen, while her genius veterinarian, Dr. Zimmerman, does some tests and re-jiggers her treatment program.

Phoebe is in heart failure–and has been for almost two years now. That’s a really good run for a cat born with a ridiculous handbag for a heart. We can’t hope for too much more. It is possible that her heart simply can’t function well enough any more to sustain her, but we’re hoping that an adjustment of her meds will buy her a few more good months, and we’ll be able to bring her home tomorrow night. We won’t know until tomorrow.

It’s hard to leave a pet behind in a vet’s office, even such a good vet. Poor Phoebe will be sleeping in big plexiglass box with oxygen inputs and hand-holes, like The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. But she was looking mightily pissed off instead of sickly by the time we left, which means she felt much more herself. And at least we know she won’t be suffering tonight, fighting for air.

Now we are home with our other two cats, Trout and Buck, collectively known as the boys. Compared to them, Phoebe is a silent shadow, the most invisible of cats. Yet tonight, the house seems quiet and empty, even though the boys are galloping around in circles like idiots, yowling, like they always do this time of night. Without us realizing it, Phoebe quietly filled up a big space in our house. It’s the same in our hearts.

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  1. So sorry to hear but at least you, and probably she, knows how loved she is. Whatever the situation she is still a very blessed kitty.

  2. My thoughts are with you. We hope for Phoebe’s swift recovery. My wife desperately love all 8 of our boy cats but miss terribly our old girl cat that passed away two years ago. The silence can be deafening.

  3. My heart goes out to you. We are so blessed with all our ‘children’ though some come to us for various reasons that we don’t really understand. I had a beloved kitty that looks a lot like yours who had leukemia. He lived more then 3 years longer then the vet predicted but it still broke my heart when he left. Good luck and enjoy every minute you have with her.

  4. Heartfelt wishes for her recovery…if temporary…every moment with those darn critters is precious….

  5. I am sorry for your situation. I have lost a few pets before their time. I always try hard to be grateful for the happiness they brought me, but they always take a piece of my heart when they go.

  6. I was sorry to hear about Phoebe, but since talking to Erik it sounds she got her breathing back. You are such a dear animal care person. It is wonderful to
    have her back home for the love and care you give her. I shall put her on my prayer cordon list. Much love to all..

  7. Oh poor phoebe I hope shes with you for a while longer. I know how you feel my darling Tilly has just started to get poorly through old age and its breaking my heart. 🙁

  8. Oh so that’s it. I’m so sorry. I just commented on a different post but guess this is more recent? Either way, so sorry.

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