Are You Gardening on the 4th?


In the garden today? I just got back from a three day tour of San Francisco Bay Area gardens and will be reporting on that trip soon. In the meantime, I’ve put up over 600 photos from the “Garden Blogger’s Flinghere.

Above is a bee visiting a striking plant at Sunset Magazine’s headquarters. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the plant. Bragging rights go to the person who names it in the comments . . .

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  1. Not gardening, per se, but picking herbs to put in the dehydrator, so I can send them to a friend for her birthday. I might talk myself into some weeding later in the day.

  2. My money’s on Sea Holly.

    weeded and watered the three sisters,watered the near beds, and trimmed and tied up the tomatoes and composted the trimmings. Oh- and planted a french lavender and a peony. Now I’m making granola.

    I must be some kind of hippie.

  3. Definitely blue thistle. I love using them in floral arrangements with really delicate flowers (peonies, tulips) for contrast.

  4. I’m leaning towards sea holly (Eryngium amethystinum) now, especially since it’s mentioned on the Sunset website. Got to sort out all the scientific names for this plant sometime!

  5. No kidding, you were in this area? Not sure if you used Caltrain at all, but the other day I walked past someone that looked like you. I almost said, “hey Mr. Homegrown!” but then thought I was being silly. Hope you had a good trip! 🙂

    • I must have a Caltrain doppelganger. I was on a combination of bike, BART (before they went on strike) and Amtrak. Hope to see you on the next trip up! I’ll be speaking at the Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa this fall.

  6. I love sea holly. When the Getty garden was at its most wonderful, I first saw sea holly and was enthralled…I just couldn’t stop gazing….LOVE!

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