Picture Sundays: Do You Believe In Magic?

mural at Sunset and Coronado

I really like this mural that just appeared in our neighborhood near the corner of Sunset and Coronado.


Bunnies tumble out of a magic hat and there’s a silhouette of a coyote and crow (common urban wildlife here).


The text, “do you beleav [sic] in magic” brought a smile to my face as I waited for the bus. My day had been re-enchanted by this symbolic bit of street art.

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    • Sunset Blvd. is full of inexplicable mysteries like that — and most aren’t nearly so palatable!

      Personally I like to think they are an offering to the Crow God.

    • After I go in and pay for gas and leave without pumping, I cannot find fault with someone leaving, forgetting?, strawberries behind.

      Now, I feel bad for the person who probably just lost the strawberries.

    • Probably left there by one homeless person for another. They had their fill and are sharing the rest. Or perhaps they indeed left it for the crow.

  1. This mural is sweet, I love stencils! I live in Detroit where there is a lot of opportunity for street art in all different kinds of places. My neighborhood is full of abandoned homes which we board up and paint on. Keep posting mural pics!

  2. Lovely!

    Am I reading too much into it when I note that rabbit, crow, and coyote are all trickster figures?

  3. Thank you for immortalizing this! I saw it last week and haven’t been able to get back to snap it. It is indeed on a high level of awesome.

  4. Sadly it’s been painted over. But there are many rabbit stencils in other parts of the neighborhood–kinda like they ran off the mural.

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