Picture Sundays: A Keyhole Bed and Straw Bale Garden in Texas

keyhole and straw bale garden

John W. from Kerrville, Texas sent in some pictures of his garden. John says,

This is my first year to use compost tea.  I am growing plants in two Keyhole Gardens, self watering 5 gal plastic buckets and two hay bales (coastal Bermuda hay) that have a wooden framework on top containing bulk landscaping compost from a local nursery. My plants are growing super fast and my tomatoes are loaded.  This looks to be the best garden I have ever had.

Judging from the fencing it looks like you’ve also figured out a way to deal with the deer. Thanks for the pics John and good luck with the garden!

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  1. Eric, I’m glad you mentioned deer as I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and the deer did not occur to me. When I saw the plants, I thought: “How dangerous must your plants be to put them in cages?” 😉

  2. yes I am interested in seeing more of john w’s whole set up – does he have any sort of site?

  3. are the mushrooms that grow in the straw dangerous for cats and dogs to eat?

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