Picture Sunday: Images of Detroit

Fox Run by Jill Nienhuis

Fox Run by Jill Nienhuis

Root Simple readers are talented people. This week I discovered that regular reader Jill Nienhuis is not only an urban homesteader, but a talented artist, too. Her paintings and other projects are wonderful – -you can see more at her website : Jill Nienhuis

Jill lives in a neighborhood in NW Detroit called Brightmoor. It’s a neighborhood which has fallen on hard times, but is being revitalized, largely through gardening. She and her boyfriend, Michael, are growing a large garden on several vacant lots, and are looking to buy a house near their garden at auction. Land in Brightmoor is inexpensive. (One of the lots she gardens on cost $210.)  She also says that there’s a 170 acre forest at the edge of her neighborhood, which makes it feel more like the country than the city.

Looking at Google images of the Brightmoor areas, I agree. It does have a country feel. There’s lots of open space, lots of green lushness — along with the blighted houses and other signs of urban decay. You can also see this in her work, of course. It looks like a place waiting to wake up and blossom. It just needs caring hands, and people with vision. And as you can tell by their work, Jill and Michael have plenty of vision.

Thanks for letting us share your work, Jill!

hubbard farms

Hubbard Farms by Jill Nienhuis

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  1. very cool post. moving to a “blighted” neighborhood in Michigan and remodeling a house/houses is a big dream of mine. maybe one day:)

  2. I love the use of light and color and the treatment of the subject matter. These landscapes tell a story. Thanks.

  3. I am originally from Michigan, moved away before the utter implosion of the auto industry and the economy generally, and the news out of my home state has often made me sad since then. Seeing this artwork and hearing of the artist’s homesteading and gardening work is very moving to me. I am sending good thoughts her way, and am deeply hopeful that the power of growing and seeing beauty amidst collapse will spread.

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