Age of Limits Conference


Those of you who read this blog in a blog reader may have noticed that we said we were going to the Age of Limits conference at the Four Quarters Interfaith sanctuary in Pennsylvania this past weekend. In this interest of privacy, we decided not to let the entire world know we were leaving our house for the weekend, but somehow the announcement ended up on the blog temporarily. Apologies to those who tried to comment on a non-existent blog post.

We did, in fact, go to the conference which featured John Michael Greer, Dr. Carolyn Baker, Dmitry Orlov, Gail Tverberg, Guy McPherson and Albert Bates.

Both Kelly and I are exhausted and still processing the information. We’ll get around to writing about it soon.

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  1. Weren’t these the same people who in 1972 predicted that by now the world would be thinly populated by ragged bands picking their way through the detritus of collapsed industrial civilization?

    Track record not so good. Thankfully they are still wrong.

    Sustainability is a dead ideology. Corpses are sustainable; living things are voracious. Yes we should limit the damage of our growth, but the best thing we can do for human living standards and the environment is to industrialize the world as quickly as possible, and then continue to post-industrialize.

    This conference needs some techno-optimists for a balancing dose of growth positivism. I wonder if Kurzweil is available?

    • Dr. Zeus, I agree that the conference needed some dissenting voices, or at least more diversity in opinion. Maybe someone more moderate than Kurzweil, but I’m open to the idea.

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