One Year of Gardening in Four Minutes

Root Simple reader Brad Hiebert sent along a note and a link to a really nice video he made. Brad says, “I documented my family’s attempts at growing our own food in a local community garden….. It’s one year in 4 minutes.”

Thanks Brad!

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  1. Wow…amazing video. Is Brad in the “industry” LA home movies have a polished professional finish. Great garden and amazing how diligence really pays off. Looks like you guys had fun too.


  2. Erik – Thanks for sharing this. And to answer a question from above…. I am sort of in “the industry”. I do computer animation for films. The photography/film making is my hobby.

    Everyone, please share this as much as possible. I want to encourage people to do the same!

    • Brad–thanks for sharing! And, I agree, your video is very well done–nice to see the skills and tools of “the industry” put to good use. I was a video editor myself many years ago. I’m happy to see that the tools I used to use, which were very expensive in the early 90s, are now in the hands of more people.

  3. Lovely little film, great to see children involved too. Thanks for sharing, very inspirational.

  4. This was wonderful! We still have snow in our area,(Munising, Mi. the U.P.), so this gives me hope. Nicely done!

  5. nice video that is an awesome job for a first-timer. I have one question, did i see you picking strawberries from a trellis. If so, what and how did you do it, here in KY we get our strawberris from the ground. Just curious.

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