Picture Sundays: Cigarette Card Trellis Advice



Via Deirdre’s Garden Diary and Homesteading, a Wills Cigarette Card from 1923. A little gardening advice with your cancer sticks.

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  1. I love how the existence of this card implies that — once upon a time — gardening techniques were a subject of common interest.
    I don’t know what the cigarette cards of today would have on them– Kardashians?

  2. I live just outside Bristol in the UK where the Will’s cigarette factory was, funny to think of it’s influence spreading so far. I love these cigarette cards and their homespun advice, as the other comments say you wouldn’t get that now.

  3. I once bought a vintage pulp scifi paperback book. It was one of those with 2 novels in one book, you flip it over and upside down and there is the second novel.

    Well, in the middle of the book, between the two stories, is a full page color glossy ad for cigarettes. o_O

  4. Wow! Thanks for taking notice of my post. I consider it a real honor. You have now forced me, through the embarrassment of my self inflicted procrastination, to go update my blog! Thanks for reminding me that something I love doing needs to be a priority more often.

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