Erik on HuffPost Live Tonight

Just a quick note that I’ll be on HuffPost Live tonight at 6:30 PST to discuss, “Backyard Chicken Coops, greenhouses, beehives and compost bins show that back-to-the-land activities and sustainable living are back. Say Hello to Victory Gardens 2.0!”

You can watch here. Guests include:

  • Barbara Finnin Executive Director of City Slicker Farms
  • Erik Knutzen Author of “The Urban Homestead” and Founder of Root Simple
  • Rob Ludlow Owner of

The show will be archived and I’ll post a link when it appears on the HuffPost website.

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  1. I enjoyed this segment. It’s a shame, though, that interviewers (not just Nancy Redd) seem driven to pursue this topic from the point of view of a passing trend or fad. The Williams Sonoma catalog keeps popping up, and it almost trivializes the steps we’re taking to have more meaningful lives. I suppose it keeps the conversation going, but it seems to exemplify exactly the problem we’re trying to solve – a healthy existence does not revolve around one’s ability to buy . . . stuff.

  2. Great show! I think it would have been better as a panel discussion without the interviewer, however.

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