Picture Sundays: US Postal Service Creates World’s Ugliest Stamp

I got some stamps out of a machine at the post office yesterday and this is what got barfed out. Is this a sign of the imminent collapse of the US empire or just evidence that the email thing is making the post office go broke? Either way, you’d think the Postal Service would be embarrassed by this graphic design nightmare.

How do we get them to reissue this one? I may not be a big fan of the American Poultry Industry, but that sure is a fine looking stamp.

Thankfully the post office lets you make your own stamps.

So how about one with that beekeeping donkey from yesterday’s link dump?

Or that menace of poultry keepers, an angry raccoon.

How about a composting toilet?

Or a tribute to the Mayan/Zombie/2012 Apocalypse.

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  1. Yup, that happened to me too. It was an experiment to see what I’d get and I got it. Never again.

    I use them to pay bills. NOT to mail nice things to nice people.

    Beautiful stamps are available from people at the counter and through the mails, but for how long? PO is losing over a billion this year, I hear…

  2. I don’t type this–EVER–but seriously, LOL. I would buy a whole book of the beekeeping donkey stamps, and use them PROUDLY.

  3. I bought ugly postage stamps like that in 1994 in Germany. They also had phone cards with a little gold RFID chip in them and traffic light speed cameras. These things took another like 15 years to start being used here in the States.

    Anyway, my first thought at seeing a Forever stamp was that printing the word “Forever” on a postage stamp was the kind of hubris that tempts fate.

  4. Ha! This totally happened to us last week! I sent Matt for stamps and he apologized when he gave them to me. He said he thought he’d use the machine in the lobby to skip the line at the counter. I guess this is the price we paid for speed at the USPS. But, oh, what a sad set of stamps. Mine had black and white flowers though–instead of the heart. Either way….

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