Prepper Cat

I predict we might just have a new internet meme here: please say hello to Prepper Cat. The image comes from an outfit selling a “Cat Evacuation Kit.” Prepper Cat looks crabby enough to be on an episode of Doomsday Preppers.

I think it’s a good idea to have a pet evacuation plan. But Prepper Cat looks like he might just be a feline mall ninja.

Thanks to John Zapf for the link.

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  1. “Having an evacuation plan” and “getting the cats to cooperate with said plan” are two entirely different things. When there’s a lot of activity and excitement in the house, as I expect there would be in case of a fire, our cats react by running everywhere or hiding. The hard part is getting them into the carriers; from there to the car is easy.

  2. What I love about the listing for the kit is that it says at the bottom “*Actual contents may vary from what is shown in photo.”

  3. The cat emergency kit is something that I probably should do, but most likely will never use. An emergency kit for my dog, on the other hand? Mandatory!

    I go hiking with my beagle at least once a week, so I quickly realized I needed a pretty full kit with her: she rolled in what can only be described as vulture crap; she stepped on a wasp and her foot swelled up; and one time she attacked a gator who she charged towards before I even saw it. Luckily she didn’t get close enough to the gator, but EEEK!

    So in my kit I have:
    Water and water dish
    Aspirin, benadryl, and neosporin
    Bandages, guaze, tape, and wraps
    Natural mosquito repellent
    Cleaning wipes and a towel (which can act as a sling if needed)

    Whenever I’m out in any kind of nature, I always have this kit with me.

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