Picture Sundays: The Vigo County Canning Club

Vigo County Canning Club, Indiana 1918. Via Kaufmann Mercantile.

I hope we’ll be seeing more food preservation clubs in the years to come. They make a lot of sense. You can pool resources, labor and expertise. No need to be nostalgic, this is an idea for the present and future.

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  1. I don’t want to can with anyone who thinks pushing down on the lid is the way to check for a seal! WRONG! So many people I have observed canning are not mindful of hygiene rules I follow.

    It’s too bad there is BPA in the lining of store-canned foods.

    I have a lightning jar and ones with the zinc lids. I think I have about a half dozen different kinds, none of which are used now. I have a pint jar full of dice from games. No, I don’t gamble.

    Life without canning is hard to fathom.

  2. I started doing that informally this summer, just inviting over a bunch of people, telling them to bring tomatoes and jars. We did about 80 pounds of tomatoes that day, not bad for a first time.

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