Picture Sunday: Egg-Laying Wool-Milk-Sow

For picture Sunday, a German expression: eierlegende Wollmilchsau. It’s one of those wonderful compound German words translated, according to Wiktionary, as “egg-laying wool-milk-sow.” Wiktionary goes on to explain that the expression implies, “a single tool that attempts to handle the work of many.”

Thanks to John Zapf for the German lesson.

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  1. Excellent word and image. Its like those goats who are genetically modified to make spider silk in their milk. Spider goat, spider goat, friendly neighborhood spider goat.

  2. Is it more closely related to a centaur or minotaur? It certainly appears more useful.

    Question: I understand how this creature could donate wool, milk, and eggs. But, how does it sacrifice meat and retain its donating qualities?

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