Quebec Kitchen Garden Saved

From BoingBoing, an update on the Drummondville, Quebec kitchen garden, seen in the time lapse video above. City officials have backed down on asking for the garden to be removed.

Drummondville town officials announced the decision [Link is in French] this week during a special session of the Municipal Council to discuss the case. The decision could create a ripple effect in other cities worldwide as zoning laws are a constant debate in urban environments. Roger told us, “The Drummondville case was one of the highest profile examples of a local municipality challenging the right to grow food in one’s own yard. While it took place in Canada, it quickly attracted international media attention because of the garden’s beauty and productivity. The win is significant because it helps establish a precedent that other urban and suburban gardeners can refer to when similar challenges arise in other parts of the world.”

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  1. GOOD! Backlash for the garden nazis. This is why civic involvement is so important. Because the garden nazis and their ilk (ICLEI, the UN land grab disguised as “sustainability”) are active and funded by billionaires and banksters. But in a representative government, public outcry actually does something.

    Push back against their encroachment on property rights.

  2. What a crazy thing to have to argue for. Seems like a no-brainer. I hate stupid laws and community neighbor watch crap. They have a say for EVERYTHING, and it’s not even their home!!!

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