Picture Sundays: Easy Ridin’ Bees

To see how “backwards” beekeeper Danny rescued this swarm see his blog Bees and Beyond.

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  1. What a beautiful capture!
    When bees land on oddly-shaped things it’s hard to collect them. We had a swarm a few years ago that landed at eye level (hurray!) on our deck. The bees were clumped between a dozen of the balusters and under the railing, so it took a really long time to gently brush bees out of all the cracks and crevices. Of course, once a handful is placed in the super they don’t necessarily stay put; we probably collected the same bees a half-dozen times before they were safely hived.
    Most of the time swarms end up at the top of the oak trees on our property, most of which top 60′ in height. Sometimes they’re low enough that an extension ladder works, but not often enough. Sadly, we have to let some go, knowing the odds of long-term survival are against them.

  2. Nice customization. I’ll bet no one messes with your bike fully dressed in honeybees. Kind of awkward when it comes to riding it, but so are ape hangers. Some people will go to any lengths. I had a Volvo that hosted a swarm in the intake manifold, and no one messed with that car for a whole summer. They must have felt at home in the air filter, or in this case the radiator and cylinder fins.

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