Picture Sundays: The Huddle Couch

“It’s a bed. It’s a couch. It’s a multi-functional piece of furniture for laid back lifestyles. The HuddleCouch® offers new possiblilites for entertainment and comfort.”

Believe it or not this ad is dated 1994. And apparently you have to wear a suit to enjoy your HuddleCouch. But the formal attire doesn’t stop this couch from being, “the most fun you can have on a couch or a bed. It’s a way of life!” Indeed.

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  1. I’m surprised that this is from 1994 – the ad sounds so gee-whiz 1950’s.
    Judging by its complete absence in average American homes, it appears that the HuddleCouch failed to become The Next Big Thing. Too bad; looks like a fun way of life. Or something.

  2. As in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice without suits?

    You just know an unsuccessful-with-ladies guy had to think this up as a smooth transition from sofa to bedroom, not that a transition is necessarily used all the time. Yeah, a sofa bed is too complicated.

    The wings on the sides would keep people from rolling off, babies and small children, I mean.

  3. If I put that in my living room there’d be no room for anything else! So I couldn’t get the white one- it would show the footprints where children and dogs have climbed up and walked over guests in their best suits to get to the other side of the room.

  4. I had one of these couches while growing up! It was green, it was canvas, and it was indestructible in a house of four boys! If I could figure out how to make one I would do it – there is no better family couch!

    …I don’t know about those business suits though.

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