Avoiding Hyperthermia

When spending a day baking pizzas at a public event in front of a 1000º F oven in the full Southern California sun remember to drink water and take breaks. Otherwise you will spend the next day in bed with a splitting headache, unable to eat, barely able to drink anything and at the mercy of two young cats.

The first time I pulled off a case of hyperthermia was after a long bike ride. I would not call it fun, nor would I like this to happen when in the backwoods on a long backpacking trip. It also prevents coherent blogging. I’ll be back tomorrow with a plethora of home ec tips . . .

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  1. Reminds me of an old Hillbilly Hellcats lyric, “Record release means exposure, that’s what they say, but you can die of exposure in less than a day.” (song: “I hate music, it ruined my life”)

  2. Dehydration works wonders on the bags under your eyes. The downside is your bedridden and can’t run the streets showing the younger, thinner waterless you.

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