Meet the Good Guys: Beneficial Insect Poster

 The good folks at the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) have created a handy little poster featuring some of our best insect friends–the natural enemies of garden pests.

They want it spread far and wide, so they’re promoting this link to a downloadable PDF fit for printing. This is a great resource for home gardeners, but also for teachers, schools and community gardens. Laminate it and pass it around! And please feel free to share the PDF link with your circles:

(The UC Statewide IPM website is a great resource, even if you don’t live in California. Go there and you’ll find fact sheets on residential pests and advice on how to deal with them.)

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  1. Very cool and very helpful indeed. I’m alawys trying to decide “what bug is that?” when I’m out in the garden, and always mean to do some Internet research to find out if it’s a good bug or bad bug, but I invariably get sidetracked and forget. This chart should really help me remember which ones are the good bugs.

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