Yet More Urban Homesteading Mistakes

My new excuse: I didn’t write it, the kitten did!

Three of my favorite Root Simple compound blunders happened this week.

Yesterday I announced a “Vermincomposting” class. I meant vermicomposting, of course, but I’d point out that it is good to remember that vermin are actually compostable, along with everything biological –including bloggers.

Earlier this week I meant to mention Native Americans¬† but, due to the lazy application of spell checking software this came out as “Naive Americans”.¬† Now, as I’m sure most readers of this blog would agree there actually is a class of Naive Americans. Maybe they’ll get around to opening some casinos. Oh, wait, Naive Americans go to casinos, they probably don’t operate them. This mistake reminds me of when the UCLA student newspaper, in a similar spell checking blunder, announced that the orchestra I was in would be playing Beethoven’s “Erotica Symphony”.

Lastly, I stained some cement pavers with iron sulfate and blogged about it. What I forgot to mention is that, the day before, I had accidentally reached for the bag of garden sulfur rather than iron sulfate and carefully brushed all 16 pavers with sulfur. The next day, noticing that nothing had happened, I realized that rather than staining the pavers I had, every so slightly, acidified them.

Time for those much delayed mindfulness exercises.

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  1. My cats enjoy walking from one side of my lap to the other via keyboard, I should totally start using them as an excuse for typos.
    You’ll come to find you can blame a surprising amount of things on cats lol.

  2. Oh my, did I get a hoot with this post.

    Actually, on our drive down to the Bay Area from the Portland area this Christmas, we plan to head for the Seven Feathers casino off 5 in southern Oregon. We’ll be able to gas up the car cheaper there and plan to have breakfast at the casino restaurant. It has to better than that nasty IHOP in Roseburg…talk about your Naive Americans….

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