Vermicomposting Class

If you live in or around LA, we encourage you to take this unique class that we’re hosting in the Silver Lake area. While it’s pretty easy to get basic information on starting a worm bin, it’s rare to be able to dig deeper, especially with a teacher as knowledgeable as Nancy Klehm.

A workshop on extreme vermicomposting for the city dweller.
October 23, 2011
9am – 1pm
  • $45 includes foraged snacks and tea
  • $25 deposit required to hold your space
  • Only 15 spaces available
  • Deadline for registration: Oct 20th
  • Click on the “buy now” button bellow to register
  • Email Nancy for more information:[email protected]
This class is suitable for both beginning vermicomposters and experienced ones with interest in integrating their worm bin with their larger household systems.

As cities struggle with basic recycling programs, and citizens learn how to grow tomatoes for the first time on their decks in soil from stripped from farmland and purchased at a store, there are some who are curious about having a more intimate connection to their waste and unveiling its worth.

In this workshop we will go “beyond the bin” and build a large, outdoor vermicomposting system designed to handle both kitchen and yard waste. The basics of worm farming will be covered, but emphasis will be placed on integrating the worm bin into the wider ecosystem of yard and house, such as:

* How to combine vermicomposting and thermacomposting in stepped systems
* How to integrate vermicomposting with a dry toilet or pet waste composting system
* How to best use your castings in the garden
* Tips for the apartment dweller
* What to do with all those extra worms…

And more!

Nancy Klehm is a long-time urban forager and grower, ecological system designer, artist and intrepid soil builder. She spent over five years designing and running a closed-loop vermicomposting project in Chicago that used 100’s of thousands of worms to digest 10’s of thousands of pounds of food and paper waste to create healthy soil. She started The Ground Rules, a community soil building center in North Philadelphia and developed and ran a two year collective human waste recovery project Humble Pile Chicago. She is the on-going bio-instigator of soil systems at C.L.U.I.’s South Base in Wendover, UT.

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  1. Why must you guys have a series of really cool classes right when I have absolutely no money/job? Oh cruel, cruel world, why must you taunt me so?

  2. @Lauren: If you are seriously dying to take this class I’d drop a note to Nancy. She’s into barter. I can’t guarantee that she’d be willing to deal, because she needs cash to help pay her way around while she’s traveling…but it’s worth a shot.

  3. Wow, I would LOVE to know more about vermicomposting and dry toilets, we are just now int he process of building in Mexico and will have a dry toilet. I will not be able to attend the glass, is there anywhere I might get info elsewhere on this?

  4. I’d love to attend the class, but $45.00 is a budget breaker for me. I think if the price point was more like $25 (w/o lunch provided!) Nancy could reach more people on this valuable topic and probably net more $$$. Just my thoughts.

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