Photos from the National Heirloom Exhibition

 Today’s the last day of the National Heirloom Exhibition in Santa Rosa, California. I’m overwhelmed! Here’s a few photos:

Back to bloggin’ when I get back to Los Angeles.

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  1. Hi I am new to your blog and still catching up but i had to tell you how much I loved the heirloom tomato pictures. We have grown a few this year and will do so agin such diversity is fabulous!

    Shaz (in the uk)

  2. Erik! I thought I recognized you sitting towards the front at one of the talks…
    I was going to come up and say hi (not that you know me)but you disappeared into the mist before I got a chance. 🙂

    As for the comment about the use of plates above…let’s hope they’ve been used multiple times for display or at least for a potluck. But sometimes I think that folks are focused on the wrong thing–like the person who got up after Vandana Shiva’s Keynote address on the final evening of the Expo and ragged on her about taking a sip from a bottle of water rather than from the pitcher that was on a table far to the left of her. Horrors! Certainly that negates all the rest of the good that she’s done.


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