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Despite my mixed feelings about Facebook (we’re doing a lot of work for free for all those marketers, not to mention the creepy privacy issues), I try not to let perfection be the enemy of the good. Facebook can be a useful tool for interacting with folks. And I love hearing from you, our dear readers. So I’ve finally got around to creating a fan page for Root Simple. Please “like” us:

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  1. I shall “like” y’all on FB. But I have to tell you that the new changes to FB have limited my time spent there. Now that could be a good thing……..

  2. I don’t “like” anyone on fb. In fact, I don’t really fb at all. Why? Well, first off, I didn’t touch the site for a few weeks, and when I finally did again, it said something like, Hey, welcome back, you’ve been gone so long, we missed you, here’s what you’ve been out of the loop about! That makes me think they’re watching me. And, you said it, Mr. HG. Why would I want to give away the timeline of my life? My privacy’s worth more than the being able to use this one channel of keeping in touch with folks. There are lots of other channels to use.

    fb is the next aol.

  3. Sorry, I don’t get fb at all either.

    I did join, in order to contact a friend from my primary school days. I’m now with Rob J on the creepy front- I then got a huuuge list of people I might know…and I did. Mostly from donkey’s years ago, but it was all a bit weird!

    So I’ll still be here!

  4. I joined FB under protest. I hate it. Why do I want things on my wall? When a person asks me a question about my personal life, I don’t want it on my wall for friends in another realm of my life to read. They all have my email address.

    A guy wants to join and answer questions he said he received about me. Why would I want someone to write things about me when I don’t like him? AND, how did fb know to contact him? I have fb on the same site where I have another email account. Does someone harvest my email contacts and have them send in things about me?

    So, how does fb facilitate your interacting with people? Weren’t we enough? lol. If you interact on fb, then I would have to go two places to stay informed? Not going to happen for me. I just cannot handle fb. Of course, now you will probably see me there and think I lied. How you will see me, I don’t know.

    Since I made my account private, people that have snubbed me in person, NOW want to be my friend!

    Since the people who will harvest email addresses will be privy to your blog, all they have to do is click and find our blogs. Am I being too paranoid?

  5. The thing with the like button is: if you are logged into facebook and just visit a random page with a like button, facebook will know it. So at least log out of facebook when browsing the web and only log in when you really want to like some post. Of course facebook knows people are to lazy to do so. Needless to say, I only have a dormant facebook account, so nobody can take my real name.

  6. Done! I didn’t have a Facebook page for my blog for a while, but recently decided to put one up since it’s a nice way to easily count “friends” since the blogger stats are always thrown off by those weird Russian bots. It’s also been easier to share links to other blogs and post about events instead of having to create a whole new blog post each time. Hello internet friend!

  7. I joined FB under protest also, but I like being able to keep in touch with friends. Of course, I don’t give FB my address or phone number no matter how important they say it is.

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