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Camp loom, for making mats and mattresses from the 1911 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook

Through a circuitous bit of aimless interweb searching I came across a huge list of downloadable urban homesteading/gardening/survivalist manuals on a site called Unfortunately, this site is so popular that it seems to be down every time I’ve checked. But thanks to Google’s caching feature I was able to access a list of those documents. Here’s a curated set of just a few of those links (through the letter “f”) that I found interesting. I can’t vouch for the reliability of any of this information but at least it’s entertaining. And if you have any other favorite free e-book sources please leave a link in the comments. At some point I’ll direct the Root Simple staff to add these and more to our resource page.

Food and Gardening
Bulk Sprouter
Bread Without an Oven
Building Soils for Better Crops
Colorado State University–Drying Vegetables
Collecting, Cutting and Handling Potato Seed
Everything Under The Sun: Food Storage for the Solar Oven

Making Chinese Herbal Formulas Into Alcohol Extracts 
The Ayurveda Encyclopedia Natural Secrets to Healing Prevention and Longevity
How to Make Cannabis Foods and Medicines
The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees

Biomass Stoves
Build your own Rocket Stove
Camp Stoves and Fireplaces

Bicycle Know How

Zombie Apocalypse Skills (or “ZAS” since everything associated with the zombie apocalypse needs an acronym)
50 Emergency Uses for Your Camera Phone
Map Reading and Land Navigation
Boy Scouts Handbook 1911 Edition
Bug out Bag
5 Ways to Win a Fight 
Guerilla Warfare by Che Guevara 
Cold Weather Survival
Field Expedient Direction Finding

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  1. We have a staff of 100. They all woke up one day to discover themselves living at the Root Simple compound and, mostly, surfing the internet in search of bread recipes and arcane map reading manuals. Not sure they know that they are staff.

  2. Five ways to win a fight was excellent. Dirty tricks was my favorite part after being always circumspect. They left out two things: I put my hand up in a “stop” position and it works.

    Also, I have a blood-curdling scream that stops even vicious dogs that have never cowered before, according to the owners. It has worked on people, too. I liked the “start kicking like a girl.” I told my son to bite, scratch, pull hair or anything else. He was a polite kid who would have allowed an opponent to get to his feet in order to slug him again…never happened, but he like to fight fair.

    Several times, I have been accosted by a man when I had my children with me. One tried to grab my 8-yr-old daughter. I screamed at him and grabbed her and ran. That was scary.

    Even in my present physical state, not so strong, quick or agile, if I could have the presence of mind, these moves would work. Or someone would kill me…lol. Excellent list if I am to judge by the one article I read.

    I feel a bit foolish posting this comment.

  3. Wow, I love this kind of practical stuff. I’d rather not have my head in the sand; it’s better to know this stuff and NOT have to use it rather than the other way around.


  4. Practical, I cannot recommend willingly getting into any hand-to-hand combat. Here’s why.

    Get a firearm, learn how to use it properly, practice, and carry it. Follow all laws regarding permits to own and carry (if your state requires either).

    If you’re squicky about firearms (and I get it, a lot of people are, even if I don’t understand their reasons WHY), buy good pepper spray and learn how to use it. Kimber makes a fantastic product. I carry a unit with me anywhere I go, since my state does not allow me to carry a firearm. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it’s better than nothing…and certainly better than a false sense of security from taking one or two “self defense” classes.

  5. Amazing find! Although, I’m pretty sure one of the files they uploaded called “herbalism” details recipes made with imaginary herbs from the game World of Warcraft 🙂

  6. Good post, I read the whole soil building article, some parts twice. The scout book is cool too, out troup had to wear the mountie hat shown, We thought it was geeky. I did a double take at the “N” on the morris code section. The times have changed scouts, thankfully any way all that information is how I learn from the internet, so thanks again. Fred

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