Congrats Denver!

From the Denver Post:  

Denver City Council eases way to own chickens, goats at home

Apparently it was previously legal, but more difficult because you had to pay steep fees and inform all your neighbors. Now, thanks to citizen action by urban homesteaders, the fee has been reduced to 20 bucks and you don’t have to inform your neighbors in order to keep 8 chickens or ducks and up to 2 pygmy goats. No roosters, natch. Congrats Denver! I’m proud to say you’re my home town.

via The Lazy Homesteader’s Facebook

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  1. very cool! has Colorado made it okay to harvest water off your own roof yet? last I checked, they considered roofs part of the watershed and homeowners could not harvest water off their own roofs.

    how is the good fight going, by the way?

  2. @Paula: Don’t know about the roof water–and as to the other, it goes very slowly. We just got the schedule. Basically the Board’s verdict will happen next summer.

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