Shiitake Bloom

This is a photo taken on the third day of the second bloom of my shiitake birthday log. The first bloom had two mushrooms, this time it’s five so far (that’s a tiny one on the left). After I shot this picture I tipped the log back as far as the cloche that covers it would allow so that the caps wouldn’t grow up against the log and limit their size like last time.

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  1. I have some ash logs I’m going to sue for the exact same thing! Just waiting for them to age a bit to make sure there are no more natural fungicides being released. Does yours live indoors all the time?

  2. @ wolfandfinch

    Yes, indoors all the time. After it blooms you give it a month off with a soaking after 2 weeks then an ice bath in another 2 weeks. The ice shocks it into production. They say the logs do like to have a good temperature swing from day to night but I think ours gets enough of that in our house.

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