Our sky, post-storm

I’m just putting this up as a memorial to winter. It’s over, and I already miss it. From now on the Southern California skies will be relentlessly azure, unmarred even by clouds, except for a brief period of chronic overcast called “June gloom.” We may not see rain again for 9 months.

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  1. It’s raining right now. We will have another, enh, three months of it, and then summer comes around the fourth of July in northern Oregon like someone flipped a switch. Then three months of hot, hot, hot, and then in late September, someone flips the switch again and the rainy season starts.

    All this talk of seasons reminds me that I need to get a move on in the seed sowing department….

  2. You have NO idea how envious this makes me. In the NW, we still have at least two months left of rain-rain-RAIN, if not three. Last summer consisted of about 8 weeks of sunshine, half of that in September. Praying for an early spring!

  3. LOL! You people. You gotta understand that it is deeply weird to live for 9 mons. without rain. Okay, so you’re sick of it now, but you’d miss it, believe me.

  4. Nope…after months and months of NW rain and clouds, I can’t possibly imagine getting sick of blue skies. Unless it’s a “We need rain to water the plants” thing, then I’ll agree. Maybe. 🙂

  5. funny, weve just left summer behind, 1st march brought autumn to us friday the 4th bought rain, sunday hail which dropped the temperature down and we went from having just a sheet on the bed to having to put on a blanket. its like a switch was thrown. cool mornings but fine days. luckily our mild temperature allows us to grow all year round

  6. I could FedEx you some snowballs from northern MI and you could take one out and watch it melt on the 150 degree sidewalk!

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