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  1. Yes indeed, Dan. All those tender green herbs keep well this way. Our kitchen window faces north, so light’s not a problem, but I can see how strong sun might bake the herbs.

  2. Good to know.

    I usually wrap them up in several contiguous sheets of paper toweling, bag them, and refrigerate them. Good for reviving basil that’s wilting, but bad for remembering they’re in the fridge….

  3. I grew copious parsley this year so I’d have enough to make my very favorite parsley and carrot salad. The dressing is a basic vinagrette with garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar and anchovies, salt and pepper. The salad is made up of 1-2 cups shredded carrots and 4 cups chopped parsley. The ratio of carrot to parsley can change, making it a carrot and parsley salad, but I really prefer it as a parsley-carrot salad.

    My thanks to Jaques Pepin for this recipe, which I discovered two years ago when I found myself with 10 pounds of parsley from the garden, all at once. Necessity IS the mother of invention, and now I grow lots and lots of parsley just so we have this salad! Mmm….

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