Advances in Gardening: The Screens of Discretion

When our friend Tara helped us reconceptualize our back yard, one of the first things she did was wave toward our compost pile and chicken supply zone, and say, “You’ve got to screen off all that crap.”

Of course! We had to take control of the view. Ahhhhh…..

So Erik built this screen. He started using a pre-made trellis material, but tricked it up.  Behind it you can see the massive compost pile. The structure on the left is the end of the hen house. We’d been stacking straw bales and wood chips there. Now we can hide all that behind the screen–and maybe there will even be room for that ugly steel can back.

It’s a shady spot, but Tara thinks it gets enough light to grow raspberries. If you look close you can see two tiny raspberries planted at the foot of each screen.

Aesthetic improvement + new growing space for food = pretty cool

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  1. Pursuant to claims that censorship has not in fact been a factor in the ‘disappearance’ of my previous comment, my solicitor advises me to attempt a reconstruction based on my copious notes, to be delivered by return signature receipt email. Said reconstruction follows.

    “Stigmatizing both ends of the miracle of digestion + concealing them behind a flouncy decorative facade = narcissistic frivolity! I think you should call it The Femininity Pavilion!”

  2. Dear Dough,

    Again we apologize for the electronic “disspearing” of your original comment, but we respectively decline your decidedly problematic naming suggestion. However, you may be pleased to know that we’ve dubbed the new entrance arbor to our domicile “The Portal of The Feminine Martyrs”

    –The Proprietors

  3. You should surface it with a mosaic of spent eggshells. And what the hell does “disspearing” mean? Is that some kind of castration pun? I’m onto you, Homegrown!

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