I forgot about Bean Fest!

Mrs. Homegrown here:

Apologies all, it’s been a heck of a week.  I realize I never set an end date on Bean Fest, a day where I could sign off gracefully with a last recipe, and now I think maybe that’s for the best. Because really, does Bean Fest ever end? No, it does not. Not in our hearts.

And besides, I have a backlog of bean recipes. So while I will not be posting a recipe this Friday, I will declare Fridays henceforward as frugal recipe day. I may not come up with something every week, but Friday will be the designated day to highlight not only bean dishes, but soups, stews and the like. Admittedly, “Frugal Recipe Day” is not the most appealing tag. I’ll set our marketing department to work on coming up with a better name.

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  1. Oh dear, I wrote that last one not seeing that frugal had 2 more votes besides Paula. Seems I’m insulting scores of frugal lovers! Sorry folks!

    (Frugal Lovers? Sounds like a t-shirt: “Frugal Lovers Do It With Leftovers”)

    But seriously, I wish there were a sexier word than for this stuff than frugal. My grandma called frugal people “Scotch” — though she was crazy frugal herself and Norwegian.

    Where is this comment going? I better go eat dinner before I insult anyone else.

  2. Friday Cheap Eats? Gourmet for pennies? The Budget Chef? The Naked Lunch? The Barefoot Chef? Urban Peasants Fare? OK. I will stop now.
    I am sure someone will come up with the perfect name.

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