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We’ve pretty much just been growing Italian vegetable varieties for almost ten years now and have never looked back. Which is why we were really excited to hear that Homegrown Evolution pal Craig Ruggless has a new website: that imports seeds from the Larosa Emanuele Sementi company of Italy. Craig reminded us recently about something we remember from our trip to Italy a few years ago that, for Italians, vegetables are like wine. Wine comes in many varieties, so should vegetables. What a shame it is that when you go to a supermarket here in the US there is often only one variety of any given vegetable even at high-end stores.

So you gotta grow your own. Coming soon (again, as soon as book #2 is done), we’ll list what we grew this winter and what we plan on growing this summer. From Garden Edibles, this summer, we’re planting San Marzano 2 tomatoes and Rosso Dolce Da Appendere peppers. We always have some San Marzanos growing because they are so damn reliable. But we’re particularly excited about the peppers. And the tomato at left? It’s been rescued from extinction by a group of farmers in Puglia. It’s that region’s answer to the San Marzano–Pugliese families use to make their winter tomato sauce.

Ciao! Back to the book . . .

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  1. Thanks for the seed suggestions. I wonder if they would work well up our way in the Bay Area. It’s much warmer where you are at. What do you think? Our climate is kind of similar to Tuscany–or at least I’d like to imagine that it is.

  2. I grow San Marzanos in earthboxes here north of Seattle. Start them indoors and they have been great. Canning goodness…

  3. Kristin, Absolutely–timing will vary–but they should do just as well.

    Garrett–I’ve grown San Marzanos in earthboxes too. And, yeah, lot’s of canning to do in the fall!

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