Music to Grow Plants

From the The Secret Life of Plants era, New York dentist and horticulturalist Dr. George Milstein’s 1970 album Music to Grow Plants. Apparently it came with seeds. From the back cover,

“As a result of present study, we were able to produce a sound which acts upon plant growth patterns. These sounds have been electronically embedded in this record. Every effort has been made to camouflage them, however, you may at times hear certain high frequency tones that could not be hidden completely. For best results this record should be played daily. The music which has been systematically selected and prepared is also most enjoyable for listening. Your plants and hopefully you will be brightened by the sounds of this album. (PATENT PENDING)”

I searched the interwebs for some mp3s for all of you but came up empty handed. Somehow I imagine the music isn’t that interesting, but I’m not a plant so how would I know?

Update. Thanks to reader Amy Morie, here’s a groovin’ mp3 from Music to Grow Plants:

Yet another update. Reader Avi just found a link to the whole thing via a file share service here:

Read the rest of the back cover here.

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  1. Does this fall under the category of “woo-woo,” or can you make this pass muster for the scientific dogmatists? Something about sound waves’ beneficial effect on cellular division…

  2. Colleeeen,

    Yeah, we’re going to need some research funds for this. I’m thinking of a network of sound isolated greenhouses each with it’s own music pumped in–Stevie Nicks, Metallica, 60s Moog albums, Lady Gaga etc. Extra pay for the researchers assigned to that Lady Gaga greenhouse.

  3. Would you believe we used to have this LP? I got it for $1, I think, at a sidewalk sale. I think my mom actually liked it and found it relaxing. I’m so pleased you posted this!

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