Nutria Trappin’ by Bike!

I like to keep up on all the “urban homesteading” trends, but bikesnobnyc beat me to this one: nutria (Myocastor coypus) trapping via bike.

“We then returned with our catch and skinned them, prepared the hides for tanning and butchered the carcass and cooked up a bit of the meat. Most folks seemed pleasantly surprised at the “chicken- like” taste of the meat.”

Read more about it at, “Maker of Fine Hats for Town and Country Cyclists.”

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  1. So cool! I first heard about nutria when a co-worker many years ago was going home to Dallas for Christmas, and they were having incredible winter storms there. This guy mentioned that he was taking his rain coat, and I said, you’ll freeze! Whereupon he purred, “Oh, but it’s nutria-lined.”

    For really big rats, you can get a lot of good out of them, I guess. Cool that they used their bikes, though.

  2. Wow- they ate them?! That’s pretty fearless!
    @Paula: They must have really good fur, considering they swim in the middle of winter…

  3. Where I am from, River Rats are an urban legend, the old guys living in derelict house boats and hobos down in the river valley by the train tracks. Probably not so good for eating.

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