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There’s been way too many Los Angeles based event announcements this week and not enough blogging! So sorry–one last announcement and we’ll be back to our regular programming:

Kraut Fest 2009! September 6, 2009
11am – 3pm

Taught by Mark Frauenfelder, Erik Knutzen, Kelly Coyne, Jean-Paul Monsche, and the winner of Critter’s 2009 Kimchi Competition, Oghee “Granny” Choe (

Come learn how to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, and choucroute garni, the signature dish of Alsace (described to us as a ridiculous meat fiesta).

11am – Making Sauerkraut – click HERE for a list of ingredients to bring!

12pm – Making Kimchi – click HERE for a list of ingredients to bring!

1pm – Choucroute Garni presentation & sampling

Participants will need to bring their own ingredients (shopping lists are linked above).

You can register to make either kimchi or sauerkraut for $10, or both for $15. Registration gets you a “kraut kit” consisting of a bucket (for sauerkraut class) or a jar (for kimchi class), and a limited edition, hand-silkscreened poster (see here). You can also buy the poster separately through our online store, here. Funded in part by a grant from Slow Food LA. Thank you Slow Food LA!

Sauerkraut Workshop registration $10

Register at Machine Project

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  1. that’s funny, I am half Korean and Half German. seriously. no joke. I eat both Sauerkraut and Kimchi quite often. (kimchi more than sauerkraut since my mom is the korean one and she was in charge of the cooking) My mom makes some GREAT Kimchi (should tell her about the competition) and my grandmother used to make some GREAT sauerkraut.

    I should probably go and be your mascot for the event. I already know how to make both though.

  2. My mouth is watering! But, an awesome book i just read comes to mind, its called “The Brother Gardeners” by Andrea Wulf, heard about it on NPR. Lots of historical stuff about Sauerkraut in the book, as well as awesome connections from breadfruit to Ben Franklin, good read! As for Kimchi, its awesome too, the type I ate in Korea was blistering hot, but here in South Florida in the Asian stores its much less spicy, and dee-lish!

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