Homegrown Evolution Podcast Episode #1

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On this first episode of the Homegrown Evolution podcast we talk food preservation with author Ashley English who blogs at small-measure.blogspot.com. English will have two books out next year on food preservation and chickens, part of a series entitled “Homemade Living,” (Lark Books). She also has a weekly column every Friday on Design*Sponge at www.designspongeonline.com/category/small-measures.

In the second part of the show we talk to Wing Tam, assistant division manager for the Watershed Protection Program in the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Sanitation about a new rainwater harvesting pilot project. You can find out more about the program at www.larainwaterharvesting.org. We conclude with a reaction to this new program from river activist Joe Linton, author of Down by the Los Angeles River and one of the bloggers behind lacreekfreak.wordpress.com.

As we say on the podcast, we prefer gardening to staring at computer screens and putting a podcast together involves a hell of a lot of the latter. Don’t look for frequent updates, but we’ll probably put out another one in the fall. Please excuse the mike popping and other technical flaws, as we’re still working out the technical side. We hope you’ll enjoy the podcast while, say, gardening or prepping food for canning. We’re all about open source, so feel free to redistribute or rebroadcast.

Music on the program is from archive.org:

A bluegrass cover of DEVO’s Mongoloid by the Hotfoot Quartet. Bob Frank, guitar and lead vocal, Jim Blum, upright bass and vocals; Paul Kovac, banjo and vocals; Bob Smakula, mandolin and vocals. Available here.

Also from archive.org, a collection of surf music.

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  1. How do we subscribe in iTunes? That is very useful if you plan to make the podcast a regular production.

    I hope you can podcast regularly!

  2. Hi Erik and Kelly,
    I just recently subscribed to your blog and I think it’s funny that I had to read something from where I used to live (LA), to find out about a cool person near where I live now (Ashevile), 3000 miles away! Thanks for turning me on to “Small Measures” and thanks for all your great posts.
    You can see what I’ve been up to at http://truffulatuft.blogs.com

  3. So nice to see you doing a podcast on such important topics. I found the interview with Ashley to be very informative. As a new canner, I found her information quite helpful. I look forward to seeing your podcasts develop in the future.

  4. Just wanted to say how great this podcast was. I enjoy reading the blog but being able to listen to a good 50+ minutes of tips helps keep my mind in the garden while I’m working.

  5. UrbanWorkbench,

    I’m sorry to say that this is a new issue for me. So free content I get listed in itunes US is not available in itunes Canada? Shocking. Do you know a workaround on my end?

  6. FYI I just tried this from a Colorado IP and iTunes returns the message “Error: The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”

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