Hummer Driver Runs Down Cyclists LAPD Officer Lets Driver Go

Cellphone Photo by Matt Stilline

In the early morning hours on Friday in downtown Los Angeles a group of around a dozen cyclists were involved in a hit and run incident with a Hummer driver that resulted in minor injuries and three demolished bikes. The driver was pulled over several blocks away by the LAPD only to be let go. Officer Cho came back to speak to the group of cyclists stating, “Get everyone together because I don’t want to say this twice. If anyone says anything I’m gonna walk away and I’m not going to talk to you guys. Based on the evidence right now it looks like the cyclist hit the car, not that the car hit the cyclist.” He added, “if it had been me with my family in that car, I’d have done the same thing, and I carry a gun in my car.”

Read the rest of the ugly details on Westside BikeSIDE! [note: Westside BikeSIDE! seems to be down due to heavy traffic]. Gary Rides Bikes also has the scoop.

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  1. What in the heck!? No matter who does what, no one is supposed to leave the scene, let alone when there are possible injuries.

    Someone who owns a hummer would be getting sued if it were me.

  2. That officer needs to be sued for being in the wrong.
    If the driver felt unsafe because of the potential for a mob scene, it may be justifiable to flee the scene – but he still broke the law and should have been charged with hit and run by the officer.

    It is for the court to decide if the hit-and-run was justified or not, not an officer.

    It becomes interesting if the court finds that the same driver is involved in multiple hit and runs.

  3. I was involved in a bike/car accident (me on the bike) about a year ago where an SUV passed me in my own lane (this was a two lane, residential road, where they could have easily just gotten into the other lane) and then slammed on their brakes right in front of me. I smacked right into the back/side of their car and fell onto both of my knees. I hit on the passenger side- and the woman opened her window to scream at me for hitting their car. I was so in shock/angry that I couldn’t find anything sensical to say to her or her screaming husband. They drove away, leaving me in the road. With no license plate number, and only one witness, I was basically screwed.

    Lovely, lovely people.

  4. Quit your whining, hippiestench bikers. The SUV didn’t ‘run,’ he got away from a situation created by the bikers, and made threatening by the bikers. He went a block away – big run!

  5. If he had only owned a Suburu or a Volvo all would be right with the world. :>)

    Yeah I think I would hang around and fight a bunch of nuts too…

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