Loquat or Noquat?

We get questions. As generalists and writers, not experts, we do our best to answer them. We’ll throw this one out to the readers. Charles Chiu writes to ask if the tree above is a loquat. My vote is no. It doesn’t quite look like the loquat tree, from our neighborhood, pictured below.

Opinions? If not a loquat what is this tree?

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  1. I think the above tree is a strangler fig. Ask if the tree is near another tree or growing on another tree…definitely not a loquat.

  2. it’s hard to see…and there’s no fruit on the pic, but the leaves look a bit like the cherymoya (cherimoya?) tree in our backyard…

  3. not a loquat, not a pittosporum, HIGHLY doubt it’s a ficus (especially not a strangler in the states) not a cherimoya and not a kumquat. I can’t quite tell what it is because i can’t see the positioning of the leaves. the leaves almost look like compound palmate leaves but I can’t tell from this photo. if they are simple leaves it could (maybe) be an avocado. but it’s impossible to tell from this photo. need some shots of the leaf stems (where they attach to the branches, underside of leaves, and etc…

  4. I dunno, the bottom pick with the groovier leaves looks loquat-y, but the skin of unripened fruit looks too smooth/shiny. Loquat fruit gotta bit o’ the fuzz.

    The top pic looks like a totally different tree.

    I am no help at all.

  5. The lower image is a Loquat. I have two very prolific trees and I can assure you, loquat it is. The top image not so much. It looks nothing like a kumquat, I have one of those too. It might be a Pittosporum like the other posts. Or maybe one of those Chinese money trees, the kind you see at Dim Sum.

  6. If you put the fellow in contact with me I may be able to identify it. I’m pro at plant identification. top o’ the class.

    It’s definitely NOT a pittosporum or a loquat.

  7. The leaves and stems look rather ficus-y. Whether it’s a strangler or not I couldn’t say. Stranglers are native to Florida and have been introduced to southern CA.

    I’d say it’s definitely not any of the other proposed trees, including an avocado. The leaves of the unidentified tree are too hard and glossy to be from an avocado.

  8. definitely not a loquat,kumquat, pittosporum, I agree with Kelly, I think it’s a mango. I almost thought Sapote, but the leave clusters are not in 5’s.

  9. I say “It’s a Witch!”. Throw it in the water to see if it floats. Otherwise, the leaves look a lot like the leaves on my avocado tree.

  10. if the leaves are as large as a loquats, they are too large too be a victorian box (pitt. undulatum) But if they are smaller then it very much could be (excuse my denying that, i’m assuming the photographer took into consideration the leaf size when asking if it’s a loquat). definitely more photos and maybe a shot of the leaves next to something to reference the size.

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