Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and many thanks to all of you for supporting this blog and contributing comments, suggestions and opinions. Thanks to all of you who have bought our book and thanks to our brave and innovative publisher Process Media.

We have one resolution for the new year: to tinker/experiment/garden/problem solve/explore and have fun doing all these things, laughing and learning from our failures as we go.

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  1. My cousin gave me your fantastic book for Christmas, and I can say its the best gift I got! Very inspiring to someone who craves to be self-sufficient but never really had a clue on how to begin. I cannot stop talking about some of the philosophies and projects in your book to my friends and family (some of them think im going nuts). Ive started a simple herb garden and I cant wait to see what I will plant this spring. Love the writing, HAPPY NEW YEAR

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