Chickens in Chicago

Another gem from City Farmer News. Somehow it’s a lot more fun to listen to someone else talking to city bureaucrats:

“Video by Chad Kimball. Raising Chickens In The City – Chicago Police Say NO. “Is it legal to keep chickens in the city of Chicago? Listen to conflicting information I receive from the police, the city clerk, and the legal department.”

For more info on the law in your area, City Farmer News suggests checking City Chicken’s list of chicken laws.

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  1. Huh. You know what’s *not* legal in the state of Illinois? Taping a phone conversation without consent of the person you’re calling. Oh, and then republishing it.

    720 Ill. Compiled Stat. Ann. 5/14-1, -2: An eavesdropping device [i.e., tape recorder] cannot be used to record or overhear a conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation under criminal statutes. An eavesdropping device is anything used to hear or record a conversation, whether the conversation is in person or conducted by any means other than face-to-face conversation, such as a telephone conversation.

    In addition, it is criminally punishable to disclose information one knows or should know was obtained through an eavesdropping device. Offenses of the eavesdropping law are punishable as felonies, with first offenses categorized as lesser felonies than subsequent offenses. 720 Ill. Compiled Stat. Ann. 5/14-4. Civil liability for actual and punitive damages is authorized as well. 720 Ill. Compiled Stat. Ann. 5/14-6.

  2. That series of phone calls made me laugh harder than anything has in days. It’s classic Chicago bureaucracy, and if you live here you’ve undoubtedly experienced it (I’m still waiting for a call-back on humane cat traps from 2 years ago).

    Plus, the commenter who quotes Illinois statutes–stop it, you’re killing me! Friends, we legalized torture in this country. Chickens and tape recorders–now there’s a threat.

  3. Here I thought I was the only one who was subjected to Chicago style “research”. Try calling the public schools some day….even funnier.

  4. So you are allowed chickens… Now that makes me wonder about the answers I got from the city clerk here… actually, I do believe there was something written in actual letters on actual paper somewhere. I want chickens!

  5. that entire conversation was hilarious… i lived in chicago for 3 years and thats exactly the way people are… pretty much everywhere but especially chicago… now im back to the south… where people don’t think having chickens is such a funny idea…
    they’ll see….
    it was a great laugh. thanks for posting

  6. having been on both sides of the fence, i worked in the animal field where the ordinance enforced in nyc read that roosters are illegal due to cockfighting (which is a felony) but says nothing regarding chickens so they are legal to keep – unfortunately you would have a similar experience if you called our public service offices. its always best to ask for a copy of the local health codes/agriculture laws because misinformation is rampant. the one way you can get snagged in ny is under the laws regarding “creating a nuisance” and what defines a nuisance (smell/noise). i am getting chickens this spring. i started growing organic veggies and berries this past season (smack in the middle of the front lawn) and my neighbors love it and the reason why i did it – we have allowed ourselves to be neutered as citizens to be enslaved as helpless dependant consumers/drones/slaves. we cannot make our own food, shelter, clothing, medicine, or even be considered intellegent or responsible enough to be allowed to arm/protect ourselves. luckily i think some of america is starting to wake up from our long sleepwalk to work and return to our roots and the reason why we came here from so many other places. hope it continues to catch on. great website

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