Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not too Much

In the course of writing and researching our book, The Urban Homestead, coming out this June, we learned a lot about contemporary agricultural practices. And what we learned sure ain’t pretty. It has made our trips to the supermarket, to supplement the food we grow at home, a series of moral dilemmas. Where did this food come from? How was it grown or raised? What are these mysterious ingredients? Our book contains practical how-to advice for ways to deal with these supermarket conundrums by learning to grow your own food.

Journalist Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma, recently wrote an editorial, “Why Bother” in the New York Times Magazine arguing that it’s time for us all to think about planting some vegetables. He has a new book, In Defense of Food an Eater’s Manifesto, that addresses the ethical decisions we face in our trips to the supermarket. In this engaging, hour long lecture at the Google headquarters, Pollan gives some practical advice for navigating those dreadful supermarket isles. Put it on while you cook dinner:

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  1. What a great little gem I’ve found in your blog! From out of nowhere came answers to questions I wasn’t sure who to ask and questions I hadn’t come up with quite yet! This year my staff and I (2 boys 13 & 10 and a girl aged 4) decided it was time to make some changes in the way we live our lives and use our gifts. In went the veggie patch, herbs fill the window boxes, three peach trees (one for each kid) fill the side yard, greywater is on the table(not literally, of course)and diets are changing. Can chickens be far behind? Thanks so much for all of the information and the laughs!

  2. As long as I’m here, thought I’d drop off a few links.

    I saw your link to Humanure Composting in the sidebar, and recent post on the subject came to mind. The details on Black Soldier Flies and Comfrey in the last few comments there sounded impressive. It’s all new to me…

    They had a nice food related one that you might like.

    I wrote a little intro to Stan Goff, one of the people behind Feral Scholar, here.

    Forgot to add in the earlier comment I left that your How to Catch and Eat a Rat video was another favorite post. Great stuff!

  3. Great finds, all of them. I had seen Pollan’s TED talk and browsed his literature, but it is good to find a nice long talk of his. Thanks

    Putting a link for this site up on my blog.


  4. Hey, have you seen Michael Pollan’s new article???

    It’s similar to the Eater-in-Chief campaign, with kitchen gardens and victory gardens.

    I’d love to see a link/ article from your page on it! Spread the word.

    Thanks for the website by the way, I really love that you show that it’s possible to live this way in California.


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