Feral Tomatoes on the Bayou

While walking along Houston’s Buffalo Bayou, just next to a concrete plant and under a bridge we stumbled on some feral tomatoes. We theorized that some fast food meal pitched in the gutter found it’s way into this meandering, heavily industrialized waterway. The tomatoes separated from the cheeseburger, floated to the surface of the water and were deposited on the muddy banks of the bayou. Houston’s hot and humid climate sprouted the seeds and the result is the plant below.

Back with more foraging tales soon once we’ve returned from Texas.

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  1. Welcome to TX, good weather to be in state! If you make it up Austin way come see all the green stuff we’ve got. One of the few 5 star green houses in the state, lots of gardening, and all kinds of cool stuff.

  2. That’s a cool theory, indeed. Was there a nasty sweet pickle plant in the brush nearby?

  3. My dad knows a guy who bought compost from a waste water treatment facility, and unbeknown to him tomato seeds are so robust that that they’re about the only thing their processing can’t remove. He spread the compost all over his garden and had an accidental crop of tomatoes.

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