An Araucana Egg

Our Araucana hen, the lowest hen in the pecking order of our backyard flock, took a bit longer to start laying. Yesterday we got our first egg with the distinctive blueish green hue Araucanas are known for.

And once we get over the nasty flu we’ve picked up (not the bird flu!), we’ll get back to regular postings and some big changes to the blog.

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  1. I am SO jealous! My chickens haven’t laid in over a month now. I’m so looking forward to both the sun again and those gorgeous blue and green eggs!

    Btw: loving the blog! You have so much great info here!

  2. Sustainablestyle,

    Thanks for the compliment–and we love your blog!

    Three of our hens have slacked off–it’s “winter” in LA (temps in the 40s at night and cold for us natives). For some reason the Araucana keeps laying, so we have lots of green eggs.

    Good luck with your chickens.

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